Announcing Time Travel Talks

Hello friends! This is Kara, and I wanted to let everyone know that Peacoat Travels is still up and running and I am working on some stuff behind the scenes including to setup a book recommendation page: Peacoat Reads.

I also wanted to announce that one of my, and Peacoat Travels, projects that I have been working on additionally is an open forum, semi monthly history twitter chat called Time Travel Talks which is something my friend Leah and I co-founded while brainstorming with some other wonderful bloggers and history enthusiasts. We will have discussions with academics and history enthusiasts about subjects throughout history. So far, we have had weekends discussing World War II and History of Cinema and Theatre.

This coincides well with my mission for Peacoat Travels and will soon be resuming more regular posts on here as I have had visited several historic places recently that I want to share with everyone about. Thanks for staying patient with me! – K


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