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It All Comes Back To edinburgh

Picture taken by Kara DiDomizio, 7 January 2023

It’s been nearly 4 years since I last updated this blog. Originally, I had some posts on queue and then the pandemic occurred. It didn’t occur for me to write or reminsce then. Now I realize that I want to revisit writing and traveling but I don’t particularly want to focus on the metrics, I just want to start out by posting photos and moments that capture the experiences I have when traveling. For me, writing is about storytelling and less about ten tips for visiting a place – after all, anyone can find those these days on Insta reels or TikTok.

I spent more than my fair share of time in January in Edinburgh – this wasn’t the intention or the original plan of the journey that I had undertook but sometimes growth comes more from the unexpected. It’s perhaps appropriate or fitting I spent so much time there considering my first posts I wrote about on Peacoat Travels were about Edinburgh. It turns out all of my favorite things in Edinburgh this time around were not the traditional or first 48 hour things such as the castle or the Royal Mile, but rather instead walking around the various neighborhoods such as Leith (the motto being persevere really spoke to me during this time) and Stockbridge. I’m going to share my story through my photos and small captions until I am fully ready to share my story

This photo I took on January 7th is the St Bernard’s Well structure on the trail between Dean Village to Stockbridge and the statue within the structure depicts the goddess Hygeia. This is appropriate for a city often dubbed by some to be the Athens of the North. If you’re curious about its history, Visit Scotland has a great page about it here.


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